Artist Statement

Adi Liraz is an interdisciplinary and performance artist.

In her work, she often bridges private and public experiences, discourses and spaces. She reflects on her personal and collective identity, particularly on her role in society as a migrant, woman and mother. Her tools are text and textile which she uses to create objects, Installations and interactive performances.

The aim of Liraz´s work is to generate communication and critical exposure of hegemonic perceptions and to give voice to marginalized stories through creating a fabric of solidarity.


Short Biography

Liraz received a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2001) and an MA from the Art Academy Berlin Weißensee (“Art in Public Context, Spatial Strategies”, 2014).  Liraz is a founding member of NOMEN Collective and is part of the duo ExDress. She has exhibited, performed and curated, among others, at District Berlin (2013), 48 Hours Neukölln Art Festival (2013, 2015), Hysteria collective at Soma gallery in Berlin (2015), COVEN Berlin (2015), Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem (2015), Month of Performance Art Berlin (2013, 2015), Alphanova & Galerie Futura, Berlin (2016), the art vending machine at the Jewish Museum Berlin (2017), SAVVY Contemporary (2017,2018), Marzahn city hall, Berlin (2017), Xart Splitta, Berlin (2018), Kappatos gallery, Athens (2018) and worked in collaboration with the University of Ioannina, Greece (2018). Liraz was selected as the artist of the month of Asylum Arts on June 2018 and performed at the Jewish museum Berlin on August 2018.

For the passing year, after receiving a grant from Asylum Arts, Liraz continues to pursue the on going project “Textured (Hi)Stories”, focusing on the history of her maternal ancestors and the community they belonged to, the Romaniotes (a Greek speaking ancient Jewish community), in different locations and collaborations around Germany and Greece.

Upcoming exhibition: