In this video and installation, two ways of speaking and storytelling are being presented: the hand made and the spoken. The storytellers are different women, mostly with migration backgrounds, and are connected through a creature that is being conceived out of small pieces of knitted stories. These stories have been produced during regular Ring knitting Circles which took place every two weeks inside the S41 Ringbahn. By doing so, the space of the S-Bahn has been re-weaved into an intimate space of home, the voices that have been unheard can be now heard and the hands that created the knitted creature and are seeking for words, can now be seen.


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Adi Liraz, 2013

Video editing: Sharon Paz

Creature knitting: Jinsun. Sanija, May, Esra, Keren, Nuri, Ziv, Shahar, Leila, Shelly, Aline, Ema, Dieuwke, Aviv, Heike, Tamara and Mari


Ring Knitting Circle


AWAY took part in the following exhibitions:

'In dialog' at City Gallery of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, curated by: Marjoleine Leever and Stine Hollmann, together with the work: A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAID of the artist Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu, as well as an interactive performance on the exhibition's opening, September 4th until September 28th 2014

'7 LocoMotion' at the gallery 'Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz', Gustav-Adolf-Straße 140, 13086, Berlin, from January 7th until January 23rd, 2014.

 Warp & Woof- It´s a matter of storytelling curated by Dieuwke H. Boersma and Adi Liraz, at the gallery District Berlin as part of the Dissident Desires, Chapter 0- Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies, August 29th until September 9th 2013.