Displaced from their homelands because of war, Sanija Kulenovic and Adi Liraz - respectively of Muslim and Jewish heritage - have been commemorating and exploring their intimate and collective memories, and the regenerative power of shaping new personal histories, through a series of public interventions. These feature two dresses which are interwoven, exchanged and dissolved, interconnecting and bounding also with their surrounding and the viewers/participants, thus creating web-like structures that give life to new narratives.

During the Month of Performance Art- Berlin, 2015, as a part of a new embodied common thread, various international artists and theorists were invited to take and contribute their story and their part of a common web which will be created especially for this occasion.

Curated by: Sanija Kulenovic and Adi Liraz, May 2015 at the Meinblau Projektraum as part of the annually Month of Performance Art Berlin, the Anthology




                                                                                                               Photos by: Karina Villavicencio, Carolina Boetner and Adi Liraz

Artists and works:

Inna Krasnoper: Re-directing intention

Lo Bil: Exigency Excogitator

Holly Timpener: When I Became a Woman   

Sophie Fenella

Roberta Orlando: Tangled Thread

Adriana Disman

Lorene Bouboushian: The Fattened Refugee

Karina Villavicencio: Loss of continuity

Nine Yamamoto – Masson: Inextinguishable Fires

Sanija Kulenovic & Adi Liraz: ExDress

Panel discussion:

Body, Trauma, Exclusion and Inclusion, With Armeghan Taheri, Saima Mirvic-Rogge, Sanija Kulenovic and Sultan Doughan

Installation by Moran Sanderovich: Map woman

As a result, new roots and veins are connecting us all and a new personal and collective her/history is born.

Month of Performance Art- Berlin Anthology, May 15th 2015, at the Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin