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It overlaps the distance and creates a new physical space part 9 of 15, 20x20cm

My Fluid Body

My Fluid Body / 2017

Bed sheets cloth, paper, yarn

Our bodies carry our personal and political histories. These histories re-inscribe our internal and external world. Our actions in any social space are to a certain extent guided and shaped by these scripts; Sometimes, to such extent that we reproduce our ancestral past without any conscious awareness. 

This work is part of the bigger project: "My Fluid Body (on an uneven political ground)" which researches through collecting, archiving, re-creating textiles and performing the story of my grandmother, her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother and through that shapes a Jewish identity which is independent from the colonial idea and previous to the Shoah, and rooted in the rich past of the Jewish community in Ioannina, Greece.

My body is fluid. Just as my identity is. It is shifting between time and space, it goes back to search what to hang on in the past, in my collective (her)history, in my family name(s), it is drifting, stopping, colliding, turning, going back and forth. My history is not linear, as my individuality is not only mine.

My body exists between two homes. Sometimes even more. It overlaps the distance and creates a new physical space. And sometimes it clings only to my voice. It is conceiving, producing, and creating new worlds and realities. It gives birth to new rooted life with belonging to this space, which I have created.


Group exhibition: "Kombinat", November 2016 - January 10th 2017 at the old city hall of Marzahn, Berlin