textured (hi)stories, chapter i

Curated by Dora Kechagia and Katerina Konstantinou 

On display as part of the group exhibition "Rooms18" at the Kappatos gallery, Athina 12, Athens, Greece.

May 17th - June 24th, 2018

"Adi Liraz has long researched the history of her family and, by extension, the Jewish community of Ioannina, through the stories and memories of the women of the community. Personal memories intertwine with the official history through the work of Adi Liraz, in order to weave a side of the history that remains in the shade. The project reflects an ongoing artistic research that takes place between Berlin, Athens and Ioannina and collects both oral testimonies and material evidence. Adi Liraz's performance and exhibition, which are presented here for the first time, uses material evidence and narratives to challenge an established view of history.”

The exhibition was accompanies with a 12 hours long durational performance on the course of the first three exhibition days.



Photographs by Eva Giannakopoulou