"Warp and Woof" literally means threads that run lengthwise (warp) and crosswise (woof) in a woven fabric.

The exhibition Warp & Woof intervenes with the (in)visible patterns of outside world- swirled inside performances. The five artists presented are all from different parts of the world and create from their own politics of location a space of radical intimate openness. "Warp & Woof" unfolds new stories, senses, insights and possibilities of daily life performances in which new forms of stitching are needed.

District Berlin, as part of: Dissident Desires- Chapter 0- Introducing Daydreams of Precarious Bodies, curated by Dieuwke Boersma and Adi Liraz

August 29 until September 9th 2013








Photos by: Sanija Kulenovic

Moran Sanderovitch- Insight Skin

"Moran seeks for new ways to express the human body and how it is perceived. She creates modern mythological alternative bodies. In her performance "Insight Skin" she treats the skin no longer as a boundary and uses self-created prostheses to extend the body. Deprived from "normal" functions and meanings, "Insight Skin" finds new abilities to move and blurs what is repulsive and attractive, threatening and vulnerable (Moran Sanderovitch and Dieuwke H. Boersma, 2013)".

Lerato Shadi- 50gr.

"50 gr. is a video of a locked off closed up shot of a female bust, with hands crocheting a red woolen piece. The viewer sees glimpses of the body as the hands move in a rhythmical pattern. There is a vulnerability to the body, exposed and unprotected. The chest is protected by the act of creating the texture that will shield it. the process of crocheting creates a veil, a layer in between the audience and the body. The crocheting needles pokes, penetrates, flickers and protrudes through the layer at the viewer (Lerato Shadi, 2009)".

AWAY- Adi Liraz

"In this video and installation- two ways of speaking and storytelling are being presented: the hand made and the spoken. The storytellers are different mostly with migration backgrounds and are connected through a creature that is made out of small pieces of knitted stories. These stories have been produced during regular Ring knitting Circles every two weeks inside the S41 Berliner Ringbahn. By doing so- the S-Bahn has been re-weaved into an intimate space of home, the voices that have been unheard can be now heard and the hands that created the knitted creature and are seeking for words, can now be seen (Adi Liraz. 2013)".

Dieuwke Boersma- soap operandi

"The installation "soap operandi" is a drama at work that shows a laundry day´s cliffhanger. The work is the result of exploring different scenes of entrapment by interlacing (cliche) symbols such as washing lines, female underwear, and a white dress together, to express refreshingly how the past is at work in her self today (Dieuwke H. Boersma, 2013)". 

Natalia Irina Roman- Naufragiu/Schiffbruch

 "Third work in an international series of installations with ropes and paper boats designed this time for the former factory of District Berlin. The boats re-group/re-arrange themselves through construction-deconstruction-reconstruction from location to location: they float in a derive in a sea of horizontal and vertical lines same as the reused space (Natalia Irina Roman, 2013)”